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Classes at Studio on Main

Class Descriptions

Cycle        Put the joy back in your cardio workout. We sprint, climb, jog and dance to music picked by the instructor specifically to motivate and move you. It’s your bike, your workout, done with the support of your classmates.

Classical Mat Pilates        The Pilates mat exercises created by Joseph Pilates come to life. Progress from the beginner work through the advanced work, learing the proper transitions and classical, flowing order.  Exercises will strengthen the core muscles while improving balance, flexibility and coordination.  

Modern Pilates        Classical Pilates exercises blended with modern core work. Exercises will strengthen the core muscles while improving balance, flexibility and coordination.
Pilates Fusion        Modern Pilates with a fitness-based feel.  The additional use of props such as stability balls and weighted balls to aid with form or add challenge.

Reformer Class    Finely tuned resistance exercise on the Pilates reformer equipment.  This class allows the student to work specific muscle groups developing core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment.  Delve deeper into your Pilates practice by working on the premier piece of equipment.

Pilates Basics        A more fitness-based approach to Pilates.  Learn the basics of Pilates and how to stabilize and strengthen your core.

Pilates Chair        The MVe Chair is a piece of Pilates equipment that uses springs to give resistance and assistance. The Chair targets core muscles, improves overall strength and builds flexibility. (Call ahead to reserve spot)

Pilates Circle        This class will utilize the Pilates Magic Circle, the most portable piece of classical equipment! Classical Pilates mat work while using the circle for added resistance, challenge, and fun.

Mat/Tower           Work on the Half Cadillac mats and have your Pilates matwork taken to the next level. Springs, straps, and bars will challenge you while making the Pilates work something any body can accomplish.

Piloxing        Unique mix of Pilates, boxing and dance moves to torch fat, sculpt muscles, and strengthen the core, all in interval training format to whip you into the best shape of your life! Have fun while being challenged to be sleek, sexy and powerful.  

Dynamic Flow Yoga        Learn to explore various poses in this quick-paced Vinyasa class. The asanas, or poses, are taught in stages allowing the limbs to gradually open creating a safer foundation for a lifetime of practice. Beginners are taught to safely enter a posture, while experienced yogis are shown how to deepen the posture.  A different selection of fundamental asanas is taught every week! All levels encouraged to attend, while a basic knowledge of yoga is preferred.

Flow Yoga        Smooth, flowing movement from one pose to the next.  The instructor will lead you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.  The dance-like flow will allow you to relax and focus on your movement.

Goodnight Yoga    End your day the relaxing way! Gentle, flowing movements combine with deep stretching and breathing exercises.

Beginner Yoga/Yoga Basics    Learn the basics of yoga postures and yoga breathing in this gentle class that will sometimes be flowing vinyasas and other times be slower, single postures.
Tai Chi      Learn to practice this ancient art using slow, gentle, rhythmic movements to create energy and improve balance.  At the same time, you can develop concentration that helps you put stress aside so you can enjoy the present moment whether in class or in other aspects of your life.

Cross Training    Like personal training with a group of friends. Weights, cardio, cycle and body weight exercise combine to give you a full body workout. Never the same class twice.

Beginner Belly Dance    This class will focus on learning belly dance technique and is designed for the beginner. Advanced dancers are welcome to attend to work on improving technique.

Mixed Level Belly Dance    This class will focus on learning belly dance choreography and technique. All levels are welcome to attend. It is designed for the dancer with some belly dance background.

Mats and towels provided but you are welcome to bring your own.  Bringing water is recommended.
*under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to class



Studio F.A.Q.’s

What is Yoga?

What is Pilates?

What is the MVe chair?
The MVe chair is a brand-new piece of Pilates equipment influenced by the original Pilates Wunda Chair. Using springs to provide resistance and assistance, the MVe chair challenges core muscles while improving flexibility, balance and coordination. You want a toned, sculpted body...this is the class for you!!!

Is the Reformer only for more advanced Pilate's students?
Definitely not! The Pilates Reformer provides an excellent framework for beginners. Sessions can be tailored to each individual to be simple enough for the beginning student or challenging enough for long-time practitioners of Pilates.

I have never taken an indoor cycling class before. Is it really hard?
While indoor cycling can be challenging, it is also one of the most effective calorie-burners there is, which makes it beneficial for everyone. The student controls the resistance and speed, so if you are a beginner, you can go at your own pace, building your stamina with each class.